A useful conversation

by william. Average Reading Time: about a minute.

In July Elizabeth Lynch invited a group of leading practitioners working in the field of learning/participation/youth arts/arts education to a conversation hosted at the Royal Festival Hall.

We discussed

1. How we talk about and describe our work – to ourselves, to artists, to funders and partners in other sectors.

2. The relationship between participatory work with young people and communities and the increase in participatory practice by contemporary artists.

Over the past few years, there have been shifts and changes in the way we talk about learning and particpation. Some find the term ‘education’ limiting. For programmes aimed directly at young people, they are very clear that the word education is a turn-off. However other words bring their own limitations. Often people working outside our sector aren’t clear about what we mean.

At the same time, the UK are Europe’s leaders in this field of practice. It is also very exciting to see many leading edge artists requiring participation to create or complete their art and there are multiple cross-overs in terms of shared processes and values with the work we do. It seems like a good time to be thinking about how we effectively communicate the creative work we feel so strongly about and where we locate it within the wider arts world.

28 people came to the first event and another is being planned for this autumn, to be hosted at Sadler’s Wells. If you are interested in attending please contact elizabeth.lynch@btconnect.com