Stratford is Rising

by william. Average Reading Time: about a minute.

In March 2009 McMcArts started to work with Stratford Cultural Forum to deliver a significant arts programme for Stratford, signalling the  area’s status as an emerging cultural, social and economic powerhouse.

We’re thrilled to announce that the result of that collaboration is now up and running. Stratford Rising is a major new consortium of Stratford’s cultural players (pictured above) that is spearheading a trailblazing artistic programme.

By drawing in national and international arts organisations as well as fostering local talent, Stratford Rising is putting this culturally rich East London area firmly on the map. For a community undergoing massive changes in the run up to the Olympics, we think Stratford Rising is a key part of how Stratford is going to create its new identity.

Our role was very much about helping the Stratford Cultural Forum develop their offer and understand how they could develop their collective capacity into something that was really going to work well both locally and nationally. We think that Stratford Rising is a great way to get the message out about the amazing work that’s going on in one of London’s most up and coming areas.

In September 2010 Stratford Rising announced the appointment of Debra Reay as their first Project Director. McMcArts would like to congratulate Debra; we think she’s the perfect person for this role and look forward to what we know is going to be an exciting programme.

Below: The Stratford Rising website