Sugar Beast Circus: funding news

by william. Average Reading Time: less than a minute.

We are delighted to announce ACE funding towards the research and development of a new show by The Sugar Beast Circus, to be produced by McMcArts in 2011 and premiered in London in January 2012.

The Sugar Beast Circus is a performance company that aims to develop ambitious and ground-breaking new work that breaks down barriers between theatre, big top & live art.

The new show will be an interactive, promenade performance bringing together innovative and challenging new artistic collaborations. The work will be substantially developed through two confirmed artist residencies, in the UK and La Breche Circus Development Centre, France.

“Jacques Derrida suggested that to be haunted by a ghost is to remember something you have never lived through. [ The sugar beast circus show] Milkwood Rodeo is like a physical manifestation of this idea, a strange melancholy ghost story…a remarkable, spine-tingling piece exploring the theatrical possibilities of circus, mixing the glamour of the sawdust ring with visual art”.
Lyn Gardner, The Guardian